Set Up Renovate for Hugo Modules and Modular Sites

Renovate is a bot for automated dependency updates, it’s useful for Hugo modules and modular sites to check and update the dependencies automatically.

Install Renovate on Repository

Firstly, we need to install the Renovate GitHub App on your module’s and site’s repositories.

Configure Renovate

And then create the renovate.json file on repository root.

 2  "$schema": "",
 3  "extends": [
 4    "config:base"
 5  ],
 6  "ignorePaths": [
 7    "exampleSite/**"
 8   ],
 9  "packageRules": [
10    {
11      "matchManagers": ["gomod"],
12      "matchDepTypes": ["indirect"],
13      "enabled": true
14    }
15  ]
Tells Renovate to ignore those paths.

The matchDepTypes: ["indirect"] is required, since all of Hugo modules dependencies are indirect.

Validating Renovate

Once we set it up, Renovate will create an issue titled with Dependency Dashboard on your repository.

When a new version is detected, then Renovate will create a PR for it.