Learn how to get started with the Hugo icons module.

In this section

  • HugoPress

    Pluggable and UI less Hugo modules framework, which defines several functions and partials to load and render Hugo modules automatically. The main advantage is that once the theme support HugoPress, their users have the ability to install the modules without requesting new features to the theme.

  • Hugo Icons Modules

    The Hugo icons module generates inline SVG icons.

  • Hugo Docker Images

    This article describes the up-to-date Hugo docker images, and offer some examples show how to develop and deploy your sites with the images.

  • Hugo PWA Module

    PWAs (Progressive web apps) are web apps developed using a number of specific technologies and standard patterns to allow them to take advantage of both web and native app features. The PWA module includes preliminary support for Hugo sites, see the features below.

  • Hugo Images Module

    The images module process images via URL query string and fragment, such as resize, crop, fit, fill and align images. This article offers some use cases for showing how to use it.

  • Content
    • Encrypt Module

      The encrypt module allows encrypting or protecting partial contents.

    • Hugo Mermaid Module

      Mermaid lets you create diagrams and visualizations using text and code.

    • Hugo KaTeX Module

      KaTeX is the fastest math typesetting library for the web, this module integrates KaTeX with Hugo.

  • Comment Engines
  • Hugo Encoder Module
    Encode text to protect email address and telephone number from spam bots.
  • Hugo Debugger Module
    A simple debug panel for Hugo development, which prints information about current page on the bottom, such as rendering time, page kind, page type, page layout and so on.
  • Media
  • Decap CMS

    This module adds Decap CMS support for Hugo.

  • Analytics
  • Hugo Google Adsense Module

    This module offers Google AdSense support for Hugo and HugoPress.

  • Hugo I18n JS Module

    A super simple and lightweight i18n JS module for Hugo, used to render i18n stuff in JS way.

  • Hugo Snackbar Module

    A super lightweight (less then 50 lines code) snackbar module for Hugo, used to show short messages to clients, such as results of actions.

  • Hugo Code Block Panel Module

    A simple code block panel module for Hugo, which includes expand toggle, code copy button, line number toggle and wrap toggle.

  • Hugo Gravatar Module

    This module ships with several partials for Gravatar.

  • Hugo SEO Modules

    This module ships with some sub modules to helps you generate SEO stuff, such as favicons, twitter cards, open graph, schema, alternatives and translations meta tags.

  • Extended Shortcodes
    This module extends Hugo shortcodes.
    • Installation
      How to install extended Hugo shortcodes module
    • Abbreviations Shortcode
      This shortcode is used to create abbreviations whose titles can be taken from site data or customized.
    • Hugo Env Shortcode
      Get environment variables.
    • Hugo EmGitHub Shortcode
      Embed GitHub source file into HTML pages via the EmGitHub shortcode.
    • File Content Shortcode
      Reading content from page resources, site resources or static files, it's useful to reuse the content, such as the code snippets, notes and so on.
    • Details Shortcode

      The details shortcode specifies additional details that the user can open and close on demand.

    • HTML Shortcodes

      The guide shows how to usee the HTML shortcodes to write HTML.

    • YouKu

      This shortcode allows embedding YouKu videos into content.

    • Asciinema

      This shortcode add support for the asciinema, a CLI tool records and share terminal sessions.

    • JSRun

      This shortcode add support for JSRun, a online code editor for testing your code, such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Go, PHP and so on.

    • CodePen

      This shortcode add support for CodePen, a online code editor for testing your JavaScript, CSS, HTML.

    • JSFiddle

      This shortcode add support for JSFiddle, a online code editor for testing your JavaScript, CSS, HTML.

    • Bilibili

      This shortcode allows embedding the bilibili video in your content.

    • NetEase Cloud Music

      The NetEase cloud music shortcode allows embedding the player in your content. Playlist, album and single song are supported.

  • Enhancement
  • Hugo Swagger UI Module
    Hugo Swagger UI Module which ships with a shortcode and standalone preset layout.