This shortcode add support for JSRun, a online code editor for testing your code, such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Go, PHP and so on.


1{{< jsrun [id] >}}


#0idstringYYou fiddle ID/hash.
themestringlightlight or dark.
tabsstringallTabs separated by comma, i.e. js,html,css,result.
heightnumber300Frame height.
modestringOperating mode for other languages, quick or term.


1{{< jsrun QG6Kp >}}

JSRun with Go in Term Mode

1{{< jsrun id=e3dKp mode=term >}}

JSRun with MySQL in Quick Mode

1{{< jsrun id=Q3dKp mode=quick >}}

JSRun with Custom Tabs

1{{< jsrun id=QG6Kp tabs=html,css,result >}}

JSRun with Dark Theme

1{{< jsrun id=QG6Kp theme=dark >}}

JSRun with Height

1{{< jsrun id=QG6Kp height=200 >}}

JSRun with Custom Tabs and Dark Theme

1{{< jsrun id=QG6Kp tabs=html,css,result theme=dark >}}